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Unveiling the Epic Saga of Dimension 20’s “The Ravening War”: Who, What, Where of Episode 1

Welcome, fellow adventurers, to the delectable realm of Calorum, where kingdoms are flavored like food groups and conflicts simmer like a spicy curry! We invite you to embark on an epic journey into “The Ravening War,” a prequel to the fan-favorite “A Crown of Candy” by Dimension 20. This thrilling new campaign promises to be an immersive experience like no other, featuring Dimension 20’s brilliant set technology that incorporates mesmerizing projections, lighting techniques, and miniature production.

Led by the incredibly talented game master Matt Mercer, “The Ravening War” introduces us to an ensemble cast of delectably intriguing characters from beyond the borders of Candia. But first, where in Calorum are we? What is going on? Why do we care?

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☠️ Beware, spoilers abound! You wave been warned! 🚨

Picture this: It’s the 22nd day of Highbloom, in the year 1188, and all the kingdoms of Calorum gather in the bustling city of Comida. They’re there to celebrate Saint Eggamere and pay their respects to the late King Cardoon. The atmosphere is heavy with both joy and concern, as the continent teeters on the brink of political turmoil.

Joining us on this eventful journey is an intriguing cast of characters. We have Queen Amangeaux, widow of King Cardoon, accompanied by Karna Solara, a shape-shifter with a secret, and Bishop Raphaniel Charlock, a wise and cautious figure. Together, they ride in a carriage along the Pilgrim’s Road, engaging in a heartfelt discussion about the fragile state of the continent, all while rain pours down around them.

From the north, a rickety rented carriage approaches, carrying Thane Delissandro Katzon, an envoy from the Beef Clans, accompanied by his fierce mother, Chieftess Cleva Katzon, and a colorful crew consisting of Sirley Hiag, Colin Provolone, and Colton Gouda.

Both parties eventually arrive at Comida, where the magnificent Great Pyramid of Food is being constructed. This architectural marvel serves as the backdrop for the Eggamere Cornucopia Convocation, a gathering of nobles from all corners of the realm. Here, alliances are formed, tensions simmer, and secrets bubble beneath the surface.

Amidst the grandeur, Karna takes to the streets, utilizing her shape-shifting abilities to gather valuable information and spread rumors. Meanwhile, the House of Rocks engages in a spirited discussion with the Queen and the Bishop, clashing over their diverging views on the Bulbian religion. It’s a clash of ideologies that may have far-reaching consequences.

Some spice is in the air too, for Senator Ariana Gemelli, Delissandro’s alluring biological aunt, engages in a flirtatious conversation with Deli himself. Sparks fly as they hatch plans for a potential rendezvous in the Meat Lands.

As the convocation draws to a close, our protagonists retire to their rooms, only to discover mysterious packages awaiting them. Each package contains a letter sealed with an emblem of hands and a quill, along with artifacts related to their deepest secrets. It’s a tantalizing invitation to change the world, signed by a clandestine group known as the Fellowship of Destiny’s Architects (FDA).

The characters gather at the base of the pyramid, where they descend into a hidden pit, only to be surrounded by hooded figures who reveal themselves as members of the FDA. Their proposition is simple but chilling: join their fellowship and undertake a life-altering task, or risk having their secrets exposed and their lives utterly ruined.

A tumultuous dinner party takes a turn for the chaotic when Tomate, the Fructeran Count, boldly claims the throne as his own. This proclamation ignites a fiery debate among the nobles, leading to tensions boiling over and the eruption of a full-blown war.

As the episode concludes, our hearts race with anticipation for what lies ahead. The stage is set, alliances are shifting, and the fate of Calorum hangs in the balance. Will our courageous adventurers rise to the challenge presented by the FDA? Can they navigate the treacherous waters of political intrigue and emerge victorious? And did we mention there’s a time jump? Episode two will take place a whole two years later:

“In the wake of this ominous Eggamere Festival, as you begin to scatter in the following morning, Eggamere, concluded, to you various homes and lands, Tomate rallies the people of Fructera behind his cause and begins seizing bordering Vegetanian lands as the months go on. Marching Fructeran armies make their way to the gates of Greenhold to claim his throne by force. You must flee and find safe spaces beyond the home that you once held. […] In the midst of this struggle, to the north, the Ceresian Senate engages military support to aid in their alliance with the Vegetanian Lords, a move that widely upsets the Ceresian people and pushes back the Fructeran armies. In the two years that follow this Eggamere, Senator Focaccia claims dominance of Ceresia as the new Imperator. Withdrawing from the southern conflict and instead mounting the Ceresian armies to assault the Meat Lands at their border. This galvanizes the dairy islands to take up arms in support of their Meatlander allies, which in turn triggers a full-scale assault from Ceresian retaliation, and they invade the Dairy Islands. Candia’s refusal to take the banner of war in defense of the islands further fractures the ruling House Rocks of Candia, establishing the Candian traitor house of Jawbreaker. By the year 1190, all of Calorum is embroiled in the beginnings of a full-scale continent-wide war, one to be known in time as the Ravening War.”

Matt Mercer as game master for The Ravening War

But what do we know about our cast of player characters? What are they in in terms of DnD and what can we expect from them as their stories evolve? In the fantastical world of Calorum, where kingdoms are based on food groups and intrigue simmers beneath the surface, “The Ravening War” brings us a captivating cast of characters like never before. Join us as we delve into the lives of these heroes and discover the depths of their abilities, secrets, and their role in shaping the fate of the continent. Here’s what we know so far about the Scrumptious Scoundrels:

1. Queen Amangeaux Epicée du Peche – The Enigmatic Ruler

Class: Rogue (Arcane Trickster) Level 4

Occupation: Ruler of Vegetania

Player: Anjali Bhimani

Step into the regal presence of Queen Amangeaux Epicée du Peche, a striking mango-inspired beauty with luscious red hair and captivating orange eyes. As the ruler of Vegetania and widow of the late King Cardoon, she grapples with uncertainty about her status and the future.

Played by the talented Anjali Bhimani, Lady Amangeaux brings a level 4 Rogue with a bag full of surprises to “The Ravening War.” Her stats reveal a well-rounded character, with high Dexterity and Intelligence, reflecting her expertise as an Arcane Trickster.

Lady Amangeaux’s abilities extend beyond mere thievery. With access to Mage Hand and a couple of other Wizard cantrips, she can manipulate objects, pick locks from a distance, and even throw items with magical finesse. But her enchantments and illusion spells truly showcase her versatility and cunning nature.

Don’t underestimate her telepathic prowess either. Lady Amangeaux can communicate telepathically and even cast Detect Thoughts when the situation calls for it. These abilities, combined with her noble background and wealth, hint at a character who knows how to navigate treacherous waters with finesse.

Keep an eye out for her magical items, like the intriguing Ring of X-Ray Vision that almost stumped even the seasoned game master, Matt Mercer. Lady Amangeaux is undoubtedly a wild card, capable of surprising us all with her calculated moves and strategic reversals. Her high dexterity and resilience ensure she can take a hit and dish out some well-deserved punishment.

Along with her arcane trickster skills and a touch of mystery, Queen Amangeaux’s role in “The Ravening War” is poised to leave a lasting impression.

2. Karna Solara – The Shapeshifting Master of Secrets

Class: Bard (College of Whispers) Level 3, Warlock (The Great Old One) Level 2

Player: Aabria Iyengar

Meet Karna Solara, a petite and versatile Chile Pepper who possesses the ability to change her appearance at will. This bard-warlock hybrid with a hint of mischievousness is a force to be reckoned with. Being a master of secrets adds a layer of intrigue to “The Ravening War” that will surely have a potential for deep impact. Despite what we know of her enigmatic person, telepathic abilities, high Charisma, Actor feat, and persuasive skills, her true nature remains shrouded in mystery.

Karna’s discussions with the DM and telepathic conversations with other characters give us glimpses into her complex past. Selling knowledge to nobles and expressing conflicting feelings of love and uncertainty towards Lady Amangeaux showcase the depths of her character.

Though she may not have a Rogue class, Karna’s College of Whispers Bard and Pact of the Great Old One Warlock bring a unique set of abilities to the table. Her persuasive skills and eldritch powers make her a force to be reckoned with. Whether she’s seeding misinformation or unraveling the mysteries of the arcane, Karna’s abilities will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the unfolding narrative.

Speculation arises regarding her true identity. Could she be a Changeling, adept at disguises, or does she possess a handy Disguise Kit? The way Karna seamlessly enters conversations after a prolonged period of disguise hints at a fascinating secret waiting to be revealed. Beware her true form, as even the Carrot Knight witnessed and suffered the consequences.

3. Bishop Raphaniel Charlock – The Silver-Tongued Radish

Class: Rogue (Level 1), Bard (College of Eloquence) Level 4

Race: Vegetanian (Radish)

Player: Brennan Lee Mulligan

In the heart of the political web, we find Bishop Raphaniel Charlock, a venerable radish with a head of vibrant red. As the trusted bishop to the royal family of Cardoon, his wisdom and guidance will play a crucial role in the unfolding events of “The Ravening War.”

Portrayed by the brilliant Brennan Lee Mulligan, this character is an intriguing departure from the traditional spy archetype. With no Rogue class, Bishop Raphaniel surprises us with his rogue-like abilities and deceptive nature.

Charisma, Wisdom, and Intelligence are Raphaniel’s strong suits, making him a master of lies and manipulation. His Silver Tongue feature from the College of Eloquence Bard ensures that his deceptions reach impressive heights. A simple roll of the dice turns a deception roll of 3 into an astounding 20, showcasing Mulligan’s knack for weaving intricate narratives and creating specialized, unique characters.

With his eloquent words and mastery of manipulation, Bishop Raphaniel wields influence like no other. We can only hope to uncover the secrets beneath his wispy root beard as he maneuvers through the complex tapestry of Calorum’s power struggles.

4. Thane Delissandro Katzon – The Brawny Beef Clan Envoy

Class: Fighter Level 5 (Champion)

Race: Meatlander (Ceresian)

Player: Lou Wilson

Introducing Thane Delissandro Katzon, the formidable envoy of the Beef Clans and a scion of the House of Carbano. His friends call him Deli. As a fighter with a champion’s heart, Thane brings his strength and combat prowess to the forefront of “The Ravening War.” Hailing from the northern regions, Deli travels alongside his mother, Chieftess Cleva Katzon, and their trusted companion, Sirley Hiag.

Don’t let Deli’s muscular exterior fool you. Beneath his rugged charm lies a strategic mind and a passionate heart. He shares a risque connection with Senator Ariana Gemelli, his biological aunt, and their interactions promise both sparks and secretive plans in the Meat Lands.

As “The Ravening War” unfolds, we eagerly anticipate Deli’s journey. Will he rise as a respected leader of the Beef Clans, leaving an indelible mark on Calorum’s history? How will he navigate the treacherous waters of political tensions? Deli’s fate is intertwined with the fate of the continent, and we can’t wait to witness how he shapes its future.

5. Colin Provolone – The Daring Dairy Islander 🧀

Class: Rogue (Level 2), Fighter (Battle Master) Level 3

Race: Dairy Islander

Player: Zac Oyama

Allow us to introduce Colin Provolone, a rugged and determined Dairy Islander with a penchant for swashbuckling. This tough and somewhat odorous adventurer holds a connection to Lucas Fontina, a key figure in the failed coup on the Dairy Islands.

With his dual training as a rogue and fighter, Colin brings a unique skill set to “The Ravening War.” His eagerness to unsheathe his sword and his unyielding determination make him a formidable ally and a force to be reckoned with.

As we delve into “The Ravening War,” we can only anticipate Colin Provolone’s role in the captivating narrative. Will his perceptive nature enable him to forge alliances or unveil the darkest secrets? Will his presence aid or merely hinder Thane Delissandro Katzon whom he has sworn to protect? Only time will reveal how this enigmatic figure contributes to the fate of Calorum.

The chemistry among these characters is electric, showcasing a blend of multiclassing and unique abilities that make them a formidable force when united. From Lady Amangeaux’s cunning tactics to Delissandro’s resilience and Provolone’s agile battlefield control, each member brings something special to the table.

As the plot unfolds, we can expect thrilling encounters, high-stakes diplomacy, and plenty of surprises. This team of adventurers will navigate treacherous waters with a mix of combat prowess, persuasive skills, and quick thinking. Their ability to work together, shield-bashing foes and outmaneuvering enemies, will ensure they overcome the most challenging obstacles. But then again, maybe not. How many secondary characters do our players have lined up? Is the risk of death as near and prevalent as it was in A Crown of Candy where no player character was safe?

But hold onto your seats, my friends, because there’s even more to savor. Remember, “The Ravening War” is set 20 years before the events of the beloved “A Crown of Candy.” So keep your eyes peeled for familiar faces and hints that bridge the gap between these two captivating stories. It’s a treat for long-time fans and an enticing entry point for newcomers alike.

With six tantalizing episodes in store, its immersive storytelling, a brilliant cast, and awe-inspiring set technology, we can’t wait to see how this culinary wonderland unfolds. “The Ravening War” beckons and the fate of Calorum hangs in the balance. With the first episode finally premiered, make sure you don’t miss out on the excitement and join the epic journey from the very beginning. Will you heed the call?

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The first episode of “The Ravening War” will be available for free on YouTube starting May 17th. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of actual plays or new to the genre, this is a fantastic opportunity to join the adventure from the very beginning.