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Unprepared Casters Presents: Tournament of Champions – An All-Day D&D Charity Event

Making for an exciting weekend, Unprepared Casters is hosting the highly anticipated Tournament of Champions this Saturday. On June 10th @ 8AM PST, the cast of 12 characters will be joined by four special guests for a thrilling dungeon-crawling, battle-filled day of Dungeons & Dragons. Four teams, each accompanied by a special guest, will embark on a thrilling dungeon competition. Once each team conquers their respective dungeon, all teams will converge in an epic melee at the heart of the battleground to determine the Ultimate Champions! The event aims to raise funds for @TransLifeline in a spectacular 12-hour charity stream. Get ready to witness epic clashes and support a great cause!

Teams and Special Guest Stars:

The Favored 🏆✨

Led by game master Haley Whipjack (@whippedjack), this unbothered team is known for its flashy style and thriving success. With the magnificent @Persephiroth joining as Lilian Van Ness, their deadpan anchor, they are ready to conquer the earth dungeon. Other team members include Sedona as Queen Luminessa, Barnaby as Count Dion Alexander Grimmawk, and Aram as Foq Eweard.

The Fire Fighters 🔥👩🏼‍🚒

Returning as reigning champions from last year’s Battle Royale, this team is set to defend their title in the water dungeon. Game master Gus Rachels (@GusRachels) will guide their fiery new characters. Joining them is the wonderful @CatieOsaurus as Magical Michael Braggadocio, known for his stripping prowess. Sam as Helga Hatebad, Jenny as Hope Lovejoy, and Julia as Ash complete the formidable team.

Team Girlboss 👔 💼

Comprised of four determined ladies, this team stops at nothing to get the job done. Guided by game master Haley, they will brave the fire dungeon. The one and only @BrennanLM joins as Freckles, a crafty circus acrobat/burglar with a heart set on victory. Jess as Serenity Sapphire, Dillin as Atelut, and Gus as Annie Wintersun complete this powerhouse team.

Team Human People 💁‍♀️💁

Humble yet destined for greatness, this team takes on the air dungeon with game master Gus. The incomparable @byConnieChang joins as Yunqi, the normalest, mortalest adventurer seeking second chances to protect Queen Sybilla. Grace as Juniper Eridys, Haley as Sybilla Eirik, and James as Riot Hallowheart complete this enigmatic team.

The Full List of Donation Rewards:

As part of the Tournament of Champions, Unprepared Casters has unveiled an enticing array of donation rewards. By contributing to @TransLifeline during the event, viewers can directly impact the gameplay and provide assistance to the active party. Here are the exciting rewards and their corresponding donation amounts:

  • $10 – GIVE A +1 BONUS: Strengthen your favorite player’s chances of success by adding a +1 bonus to their rolls.
  • $20 – GIVE A POTION OF HEALING: Help the players recover by providing them with a healing potion.
  • $25 – GIVE A LUCK POINT: Grant a player the opportunity to reroll a die, giving them a second chance at victory.
  • $30 – CAUSE A WILD MAGIC SURGE: Introduce unpredictable magical effects that can alter the course of the game.
  • $40 – CAUSE A LAIR ACTION: Unleash a hazard upon the active party, posing new challenges and obstacles.
  • $50 – BLESS THE PARTY: Invoke divine magic to bless the active party, granting them a bonus on attacks and saves.
  • $75 – GIVE A RANDOM POTION: Gamble on chance and gift a player a random potion, which could be highly beneficial.
  • $100 – AID THE PARTY: Boost the current and maximum HP of the entire party, providing a vital advantage during the tournament.
  • $250 – LEVEL SOMEONE UP: Empower the lowest-level player with a precious level-up, enhancing their abilities and stats.
  • $500 – REVIVE SOMEONE: Bring a fallen character back to life and grant them a well-deserved rest.
  • $750 – LEVEL A PARTY UP: Elevate the entire party’s level at once, unlocking new spells, abilities, and increased power.
  • $1,000 – PULL FROM THE DECK OF MANY THINGS: Brave the unpredictable nature of the infamous Deck and receive a game-altering advantage.

Reaching New Heights

Even before the tournament began, the community demonstrated unwavering support, raising an incredible $20,000 for @TransLifeline. This remarkable milestone is a testament to the generosity and commitment of the participants. However, Unprepared Casters is not stopping there. They have set their sights on a new ambitious final goal of $30,000 for the UC Tournament of Champions. Join the livestream and be a part of this extraordinary journey to make a profound impact on the lives of many.

Let’s make history together and support an incredible cause. Tune in to the stream and help Unprepared Casters reach their final fundraising goal.

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Unprepared CastersTournament of Champions ended up raising $45,169 for @TransLifeline. Amazing! ✨