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Trailer Two Releases for Dimension 20’s Crown of Candy Prequel ‘The Ravening War’

It’s true. Not only are we going back to Calorum, but we’re also going back in time to the titular Ravening War. has officially dropped the second trailer for the much anticipated new season of Dimension 20 titled “The Ravening War”.

The Ravening War Title Shot with Cast

This campaign will give Brennan Lee Mulligan a rest as Dungeon Master after a successful (and horror-fueled) run of “Neverafter” because Critical Role‘s Matt Mercer will be taking the reigns. But have no fear Brennan fans, because he will be one of the five players for the season! Indeed, in this return to the world of Calorum from “A Crown of Candy”, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Aabriya Iyengar, Lou Wilson, Zac Oyama, and Anjali Bhimani will be sitting at the table.

This season will consist of 6 episodes and will be premiering on on Wednesday, May 10th, at 7 PM Eastern / 4 PM Pacific. Episodes will air every Wednesday, the first of which will be available for free on YouTube on May 17th.

The Ravening War Table Shot with Cast

The trailer starts with Brennan, Matt, and Aabriya walking through the production halls of Dropout as the three ever-DMs discuss what the new season could possibly be about. Matt finds himself drawn to a room of boxes hidden through a doorway marked with caution tape. Some of these boxes have fan-favorite reference titles like “Rick Perry (Please Feed)”, “Fae Billsh*t”, and “Bird Facts”. Matt is drawn to a box labeled “Danger Keep Out” that is covered in chains. From it, he pulls out an enormous, two-handed, candy sword. And that’s when we know – we’re going back to Calorum! Or as Matt narrates it:

“Let’s take this back to a time before the events from ‘A Crown of Candy’. Two decades before… where history began to unfold into a dangerous and tumultuous era. Water rains from the stormy sky in dense sheets from above across the Vegetanian countryside.”

Taking place in a world of food and fantasy, this campaign will abide by the rules of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and focus on the events of a war threatening the world of our player characters. “A Crown of Candy” character artist Samir Berrett @sktchmstrskllz will be returning. And this season will also feature Dimension 20‘s new Head of Series Production Carlos Luna @CarlosCrits (“Pirates of Leviathan” and “Coffin Run”). As a CollegeHumor property, expect a focus on humor amidst the drama and beautiful post-production quality.

🧙‍♂️ Meet the Dungeon Master

Critical Role‘s DM extraordinaire Matt Mercer (he/him) @matthewmercer will be Dungeon Master this season. Known for his extensive worldbuilding, and voice-acting prowess, Matt has most recently been working on campaign three of Critical Role and has announced he will be voicing Ganondorf in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Ravening War Table Shot with Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer

Say hi to our Scrumptious Scoundrels!

🍑 Anjali Bhimani (she/her) @sweetanj will be entering the dome for the first time as Lady Amangeaux Epicée du Peche (she/her), a mango fruit from Uvano. Her name loosely translates to “The spicy mango of peach” 🔥. You may know Anjali from the Marvel show Ms. Marvel, the Critical Role spin-off Exandia Unlimited, or even her voice work as Symmetra from Overwatch or Rampart in Apex Legends. Lady Amangeaux is described as Jessica Rabbit but as a mango and is shown holding a curved dagger – spicy indeed.

Lady Amangeaux Epicée du Peche played by Anjali Bhimani

🌶️ Aabriya Iyengar (she/her) @quiddie returns to the dome as Karna Solara (she/her), a petite young chili pepper from the land of Comida who struggles to maintain a sense of calm. Aabriya is known as a Game Master and player for Dimension 20, Critical Role, and so many other campaigns! She also plays in the hit new podcast Worlds Beyond Number. Karna is shown with a dagger in one hand, and a spell in the other.

Karna Solara played by Aabriya Iyengar

🥪 Lou Wilson (he/him) @sweetlouzinho will be Thane Delissandro Katzon (he/him), a 19-year-old from Carn. The details are vague, but as a citizen of Carn, Katzon will undoubtedly be some sort of meat-centered food. Steak? Sub? Beefcake? He is shown wielding what appears to be a fancy toothpick as a sort of polearm, so he may very well be some breed of sandwich. Lou writes and is the announcer for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he just played in Dimension 20‘s “Neverafter”, and he can be found on the Worlds Beyond Number podcast as the best bear spirit ever.

Thane Delissandro Katzon played by Lou Wilson

🌱 Brennan Lee Mulligan (he/him) @BrennanLM, Dimension 20’s beloved ever-DM, gets to do what he loves most, immerse himself in some other DM’s story as a player character. This season he will be Bishop Raphaniel Charlock (he/him), a wise old radish with a big ole red head, possibly from a place called Greenhold. The bishop is shown wielding a staff resembling a gardening hoe – a fact that no one will surely ever bring up. You can find some of Brennan’s non-Dimension 20 work as DM for the hit podcast Worlds Beyond Number and the Critical Role spin-off “Exandria Unlimited: Calamity”. If you already have a Dropout subscription, you can see more of him on the shows Um, Actually and Game Changer.

Bishop Raphaniel Charlock played by Brennan Lee Mulligan

🧀 Zac Oyama (he/him) @ZacOyama joins this campaign as the self-described greasy, smelly Colin Provolone (he/him), no one’s first choice for hire. Hailing from Lacramor, this milk-based man will be some melee-classed character. And from the looks of him, Colin may quite possibly be the most scoundrelly of the campaign’s Scrumptious Scoundrels. Catch Zac in Dimension 20‘s “Neverafter” as Puss in Boots or any other Dimension 20 main campaign!

Colin Provolone played by Zac Oyama

Overall, the upcoming season, “The Ravening War,” promises to be another exciting campaign for Dimension 20.

Can’t wait? Join the Dropout Discord server ( to chat with other fans or watch together live when the series premieres on May 17th.