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This Week in Actual Play (June 6th)

Welcome to our roundup of the week ahead! We’re here to help you navigate through a diverse selection of popular, recommended, and lesser-known actual play streams, shows, and podcasts. Please keep in mind that these listings are simply suggestions, but rest assured, they’ll provide you with thrilling adventures, fascinating characters, and immersive storytelling.

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This week brings forth two highly anticipated events that deserve your attention. First up, the series finale of the long-standing Rivals of Waterdeep. After five years of captivating storytelling, Rivals of Waterdeep will be concluding its epic journey on its monumental 15th season. This remarkable actual play series has stood as a shining example of representation, showcasing BIPOC voices at the table. Starting its production under the banner of Wizards, the show later transitioned to independent production in 2021, steadfastly continuing its narrative with the support of dedicated fans. Unfortunately, the sponsorship from Wizards fully dropped in 2022, but the resilient team persevered, determined to complete the final two and a half seasons through their raised funds. Whether you’re an old friend of Rivals or you’ve only heard whispers on the wind, stop by their series finale on Sunday @ 10 AM PST on Twitch to share in a moment of fond farewell.

In big charity stream news, Unprepared Casters is hosting a Tournament of Champions this Saturday! On June 10th they are hosting 4 special guests to join their cast of 12 characters in order to dungeon-crawl, battle it out, and raise cash for @TransLifeline in a 12-hour, all-day D&D event extravaganza! There will be 4 teams, each featuring a special guest. After each team completes a dungeon, they will all meet in the middle for an all-out melee to determine the Ultimate Champions! Join Brennan Lee Mulligan, Persephone Valentine, Catieosaurus, and Connie Chang on Saturday @ 8 AM PST on Twitch to savor every moment!

Weekly Roundup:

Tuesday – 6/6

Wednesday – 6/7

Thursday – 6/8

  • ⭐️ Critical Role: Campaign 3, Episode 61 @ 7 PM PST on Twitch and
  • 🍇 Dimension 20’s Adventuring Party: The Ravening War, Episode 5 (talk-back) @ 4 PM PST on Dropout 😀
  • The Adventure Zone: Steeplechase, Episode 29 (Blades in the Dark) – Podcast 🎧
  • Not Another D&D Podcast: Non-campaign Episode – Podcast 🎧

Friday – 6/9

Saturday – 6/10

Sunday – 6/11

Monday – 6/12

That wraps up our roundup of the exciting actual play events and shows happening this week. With a diverse range of options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that captures your imagination and sparks your interest. 💖