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Dimension 20 Recap: The Ravening War Episode 3 – Yonder Where the Fruit Do Be Lyin’

In the third gripping episode of Dimension 20‘s The Ravening War, the conspirators find themselves on the brink of an ambush, unaware of their mysterious target. The stage is set for a thrilling combat encounter that reveals shocking truths. So begins the episode Yonder Where the Fruit Do Be Lyin’.

A is for Assassination

We pick up with our heroes plotting an ambush at a bridge, strategizing their attack on an approaching caravan. With a keen eye for their surroundings, they craft a plan to obstruct the carriage’s path using a felled tree and an unconventional orange boulder. Adding to the intrigue, certain members unveil their abilities to communicate telepathically, much to the surprise and benefit of the others.

Fructeran Carriage, Candian Corpses

Taking charge as the scout, Colin ventures ahead and spots the watermelon carriage, pulled by cherries, carrying a mysterious group of five. Swiftly relaying this crucial information, they spring their trap, effectively blocking the bridge. The clash begins, with unexpected maneuvers and intense combat. The bishop’s subtle spell adds a surprising twist, while Colin’s long sword of wounding reveals his enigmatic nature. Deli’s fearless charge into the carriage leads to a heated confrontation with Queen Pamela Rocks of Candia. As the battle reaches its climax, an unforeseen event unfolds.

The Death of a Banana, a Bear, and a Queen

Amidst the chaos of the battle, a Fructeran Banana man finds himself in a small boat, passing beneath the bridge. Tragically, his path intersects with the ongoing confrontation. In the midst of the skirmish, Queen Pamela Rocks meets her untimely demise at the hands of young Deli and the shocked Raphaniel. The battle culminates in the defeat of the remaining guards, including a formidable gummy bear knight. Colin and Dishless also swiftly attend to the unfortunate banana man’s demise, ensuring his body is discreetly disposed of.

Moldy Heart of the World

With the immediate threat subsided, the party’s attention is drawn to approaching galloping sounds. Evading their pursuers skillfully, they stumble upon a peculiar sapling-like creature, its amber eyes and mouthless face captivating their curiosity. Without hesitation, Deli swiftly dispatches the creature, revealed to be a sentient never-before-seen mold creature. Nearby, they discover a cavern adorned with radiant tendrils, beckoning them to touch and explore. Delhi and Raphaniel succumb to visions and ethereal voices, gaining hidden knowledge they opt to keep to themselves for now. Dishless, ever advantageous, takes the body of the mouthless, sapling-like creature and takes note of the mysterious, ancient, and powerful cavern it seemed to call home.

Food Pyramid Surprise

Upon their return to the food pyramid, a fateful encounter awaits as they come face to face with the FDA. Startling truths are unveiled as the FDA reveals its affiliation with the mysterious Sanctus Putris sect. They confess to orchestrating violence as an offering to appease the Hungry One, ensuring the preservation of the world. The party is left with a mix of emotions, while Archbishop Camille Cauliflower emerges as a formidable presence within the revelation. The revelation of the true identity of the FDA takes on a more sinister hue as Dishless presents the corpse of the slain creature as evidence of the strange cave they encountered. With lingering questions and unfinished business, the FDA departs, leaving our heroes to grapple with the weight of their newfound knowledge.

Shadows of Intrigue and Uncertain Alliances

Join us as The Ravening War delves deeper into the complexities of their mission, the alliances formed, and the shocking deceptions that continue to shape their journey. Stay tuned for the next episode, where fate intertwines with destiny in ways they never anticipated. As the group grapples with the aftermath of their encounter with the FDA, they must confront their own beliefs and forge a path forward, navigating the treacherous landscape of Calorum’s secrets and the insidious influence of Sanctus Putris. The journey ahead promises both shadows of intrigue and unexpected alliances, as our heroes strive to uncover the truth and chart their own course amidst a world teetering on the brink of chaos.