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Dimension 20 Recap: The Ravening War Episode 4 – The Light and the Shadow

In this recap of Dimension 20’s “The Ravening War” Episode 4, titled “Light and Shadow,” we delve into the aftermath of Queen Pamela Rocks’ assassination, the mystery of that moldy cave, and a significant time jump.

The time jump of about 5 years offers glimpses into each character’s journey up to the assembled battle at Pangranos. We witness their final interactions before the time jump and get some insight into their activities in the subsequent years.

Amangeaux Goes Home

The drama begins by truly highlighting the tension between former Queen Amangeaux and the spymaster Karna. Amangeaux expresses her desire to disappear and seek refuge at a family estate in Uvano, while Karna is distressed by how the lady’s new feelings hinder the arranged marriage with King Tomate. Their heated conversation leads to Amangeaux leaving a letter for Bishop Raphaniel before hastily departing for Uvano to better herself and care for her child.

Karna Befriends an FDA Noodle

Karna confides in Raphaniel about Amangeaux’s departure, including the existence of the child, while also letting it slip just how detrimental the effects of the Hungry One’s power have been on her body. Raphaniel embraces her and acknowledges the decay. Thereafter, Karna makes her way to start again as a spy in Ceresia. To those ends, she makes herself useful to the subject of Deli’s secret and current FDA member, Senator Ariana Gemelli.

The Former Bishop’s new Knight

Colin Provolone confronts Thane Delissandro, exposing the secret of his family’s rebellious past in the Dairy Islands. Motivated by Deli’s recent viciousness, Colin decides to abandon Deli, make amends with a certain banana family, and seek Raphaniel’s guidance. As such, Colin ends up receiving a knighthood from within the Bulbian church and taking on a role as Raphaniel’s caretaker.

Raphaniel Pursues Truth and Mold

Raphaniel challenges Archbishop Camille Cauliflower on the purpose of the Bulbian Church and embarks on a quest for truth. As a result, he faces demotion from Bishop and finds himself in Comida, grappling with a sense of loss and horrifying visions. Joining forces with Colin, they venture to find the cave near where Queen Pamela Rocks was assassinated. However, there is no evidence that the cave was ever there, leading Raphaniel closer to madness.

Amangeaux 2.0

In Uvano, Amangeaux confesses to Lord Gustavo Uvano about her child with Van Pinnonoir, requesting him to raise the child as his own due to family resemblance. 🍇 The Lord quickly agrees and welcomes the lady and her child into his household. She proceeds to immerse herself in training both mentally and physically, determined to become an invaluable asset to the Uvano family.

Fast Forward to War

Karna assumes the role of Thane Delissandro’s spymaster and Skald in the Meat Lands after Deli and Colin part ways. Over the course of the next five years, the Ravening War conflict escalates, reaching Ceresia. Deli plots and succeeds in the assassination of Princess Sapphira of Candia by Karna’a machinations, leading to a power shift in the Meat Lands. Deli and Karna’s relationship shifts as well, as the two become closer than ever. The characters eventually all converge in Ceresia, preparing for a monumental battle at Pangranos.

Mold Man Returns

As the party reunites, catches up, and awaits the start of the battle to take place at Pangranos, Raphaniel sights a mold creature outside the encampment. Not only that, it seems to be the very creature Deli had previously slain. The former bishop takes off after the creature, and his companions take off after him, leaving the army behind. Raphaniel chases the creature into a cave that seems to have an exit relevant to the battle about to take place. As everyone catches up to Raphaniel and he makes contact with the creature, a member of the FDA interrupts.

With the stage set and the characters’ paths intertwined, Episode 4 sets the scene for intense interaction in the caves and on the battlefield above. The repercussions of the assassinations made against the Royal Candian family of Rocks continue to shape the world of “The Ravening War” as our beloved scoundrels face their own trials and transformations.

Stay tuned for the next episode as the conflict intensifies and the fate of Calorum hangs in the balance. Only two episodes remain!