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“The Legend of Vox Machina” Season 2 Soundtrack Release

Fans of ‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ can rejoice, as the highly anticipated soundtrack for the second season of the Amazon Prime animated adaptation is finally here! Released on June 2nd, this album is a must-have for any fan of the series. Lakeshore Records has once again delivered a stellar collection of music that brings the world of Exandria to life.

The soundtrack features an impressive lineup of talent, including the renowned composer Neal Acree, known for his work on projects like ‘Stargate SG-1’ and ‘World of Warcraft.‘ Acree’s score perfectly captures the spirit and adventure of the show’s second season, immersing listeners in the epic tales of Vox Machina.

In addition to the captivating score, the album showcases original songs written by Sam Riegel and Peter Habib (Mr. Fantastic). Riegel, who also lends his vocal talents to the series as the character Scanlan, has created a diverse range of tracks that add depth and emotion to the story. Riegel’s compositions are a true reflection of the show’s evolution in its second season.

Season Two of The Legend of Vox Machina took everything to the next level – so we knew the music had to match. From wild road songs to epic love ballads and face-melting thrash metal, the Scanlan tracks were so much fun to write. And I’m so happy we got to include vocals from other members of the cast. Turns out Laura Bailey, Ashley Johnson, and even Travis Willingham can sing!

Sam Reigel, Critical Role / The Legend of Vox Machina – player and voice of Scanlan

One notable song from the album is the beautiful and heartfelt collaboration between Sam Riegel, Alanna Ubach (voice of Osysa), and Mr. Fantastic, ‘Song For Osysa.’ This unique track showcases Scanlan’s musical talents in a different light, straying away from his usual playful and humorous style. It’s a testament to the versatility and creativity of the series’ music.

Now available on all major digital music platforms, the soundtrack for “The Legend of Vox Machina” Season 2 consists of 35 tracks that will immerse fans in the fantastical world of Exandria. This incredible collection allows listeners to relive their favorite moments and experience the magic of the series anytime, anywhere.

Track List for “The Legend of Vox Machina” Season 2 Soundtrack:

  1. Lemme Catch You Up – Sam Riegel, Mr. Fantastic
  2. Dragonfall – Neal Acree
  3. The Fall of Emon – Neal Acree
  4. To Vasselheim – Neal Acree
  5. The Wrath of the Chroma Conclave – Neal Acree
  6. The Outhouse (End Credits) – Sam Riegel, Mr. Fantastic
  7. Vasselheim – Neal Acree
  8. Temple of the Stormlord – Neal Acree
  9. The Slayer’s Take – Neal Acree
  10. Where Do You Find Your Strength? – Neal Acree
  11. Makin’ My Way – Sam Riegel, Ashley Johnson, Mr. Fantastic
  12. Do Not Go Far From Me – Neal Acree
  13. The Matron of Ravens – Neal Acree
  14. Hail The New Champion – Neal Acree
  15. Road, Road – Ashley Johnson, Travis Willingham
  16. Wind – Neal Acree
  17. Pass Through Fire – Neal Acree
  18. The Blessing of Pyrah – Neal Acree
  19. Song For Osysa – Sam Riegel, Alanna Ubach, Mr. Fantastic
  20. Song For Osysa (End Credits) – Mr. Fantastic
  21. Spore Trip – Neal Acree
  22. The Herd of Storms – Neal Acree
  23. I Would Like To Rage – Neal Acree
  24. We All Rage – Sam Riegel, Travis Willingham, Mr. Fantastic
  25. Finishing Move – Neal Acree
  26. Strongjaw – Neal Acree
  27. When The Bald Man Cries (End Credits) – Sam Riegel, Aisling Franciosi, Mr. Fantastic
  28. Leia – Neal Acree
  29. Threads of Fate – Neal Acree
  30. Lightning In Your Face! – Sam Riegel, Mr. Fantastic
  31. Leap of Faith – Neal Acree
  32. The Hope Devourer – Neal Acree
  33. Scanlan’s Destiny – Neal Acree
  34. Epilogue – Neal Acree
  35. Makin’ My Way (End Credits) – Laura Bailey, Mr. Fantastic

With the success of the animated series and the enthusiastic response from fans, it’s no surprise that a third season has already been ordered. The release of this soundtrack further solidifies the show’s status as a cultural phenomenon and a beloved part of the fantasy genre.

The Exclusive Vinyl for the Discerning Fan

Fans who may be left wanting even more Critical Role in their earholes might be interested to know that they have the opportunity to own a truly special and exclusive item related to “The Legend of Vox Machina.” Lakeshore Records has curated a limited edition double LP vinyl that promises to be a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Priced at $39.98, “The Legend Of Vox Machina (Amazon Original Series Soundtrack) 2 x Zoetrope Picture Discs” offers a unique and visually stunning experience. The vinyl set features animated zoetrope picture discs that come to life when played on a turntable. Each disc showcases captivating imagery from the series, adding an extra layer of immersion to your listening experience.

The package includes a full-color gatefold sleeve adorned with beautiful artwork that captures the essence of “The Legend of Vox Machina.” Inserts and liner notes provide additional insights into the creation of the music and the series, enhancing the overall collector’s experience.

What makes this limited edition vinyl even more special are the exclusive tracks it contains. Fans will be treated to the extended version of the beloved song “Pull My Beads Of Love” and the track “Dragons” adds a touch of epicness to the collection, making this vinyl a true treasure for any fan.

Please note that due to its high demand, the limited edition vinyl has been sold out. However, keep an eye out for potential restocks or future collector’s editions, as Lakeshore Records recognizes the passionate fanbase of “The Legend of Vox Machina” and may release additional items in the future.

For now, make sure to get your hands on the incredible soundtrack for Season 2 and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Vox Machina. Let the enchanting melodies and epic compositions transport you to Exandria, where heroes are born and legends are forged.

Track List for “The Legend Of Vox Machina (Amazon Original Series Soundtrack)” Double LP Vinyl:

Side A (20:53)

  • 01. Opening Titles – Neal Acree
  • 02. Long Ago… – Neal Acree
  • 03. Tavern Brawl – Neal Acree
  • 04. Scanlan’s Love Song – Sam Riegel and Mr. Fantastic
  • 05. Visiting The Castle – Neal Acree
  • 06. The Legend of Vox Machina – Sam Riegel and Mr. Fantastic
  • 07. Skyship – Neal Acree
  • 08. The Village – Neal Acree
  • 09. The Terror of Tal’Dorei, Pt. I – Neal Acree
  • 10. The Terror of Tal’Dorei, Pt. II – Neal Acree
  • 11. Embers – Neal Acree
  • 12. Die Gloriously – Neal Acree
  • 13. The Adventure Begins – Neal Acree
  • 14. Scanlan’s Hand! – Sam Riegel and Mr. Fantastic
  • 15. Meet The Briarwoods – Neal Acree
  • 16. Fighting Back – Neal Acree
  • 17. The Cello Begins – Neal Acree

Side B (18:45)

  • 18. Pull My Beads of Love – Sam Riegel and Mr. Fantastic
  • 19. A Narrow Escape – Neal Acree
  • 20. Shadows at the Gates – Neal Acree
  • 21. Pike’s Farewell – Neal Acree
  • 22. As You Are – Neal Acree, Sam Riegel and Mr. Fantastic
  • 23. Rise, Mighty Scanlan, Rise! – Sam Riegel, Mr. Fantastic and Neal Acree
  • 24. Two Teams – Neal Acree
  • 25. No Mercy Percy – Neal Acree
  • 26. Sneaking In – Sam Riegel, Mr. Fantastic and Neal Acree
  • 27. Scanbo – Neal Acree
  • 28. Nevosh, Nevonn – Sam Riegel and Mr. Fantastic
  • 29. A Tragic End – Neal Acree

Side C (16:11)

  • 30. When Murder Entered My Heart – Neal Acree
  • 31. Signal In The Sky – Neal Acree
  • 32. You Got Scanlan’d – Sam Riegel and Mr. Fantastic
  • 33. Choose Your Path – Neal Acree
  • 34. The Tide of Bone – Neal Acree
  • 35. The Legend is Back – Sam Riegel, Mr. Fantastic and Neal Acree
  • 36. Assault from All Points – Neal Acree
  • 37. Your Turn To Lead – Neal Acree
  • 38. A Sign From Above – Neal Acree, Sam Riegel and Mr. Fantastic
  • 39. Pike Trickfoot – Sam Riegel and Mr. Fantastic
  • 40. Heavy – Neal Acree

Side D (15:42)

  • 41. Turning Tides – Neal Acree
  • 42. Blinded By The Light – Neal Acree
  • 43. The Ritual – Neal Acree
  • 44. The Doorway – Neal Acree
  • 45. The Darkness Within, Pt. I – Neal Acree
  • 46. The Darkness Within, Pt. II – Neal Acree
  • 47. Home – Neal Acree
  • 48. Dragons – Neal Acree

“The Legend of Vox Machina” continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storytelling and unforgettable characters. With the release of the Season 2 soundtrack and the exclusive vinyl offering, fans have even more reasons to dive into the enchanting world created by Critical Role. So, grab your headphones, gather your fellow adventurers, and embark on a musical journey.