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Critical Role Recap: Bells Hells Episode 62 – A Long Walk of Reflection (C3E62)

A Long Walk of Reflection” (3×62) takes us deeper into the third campaign of Critical Role as Team Issylra embarks on a challenging journey towards the mountains of the Demithore Valley. Their objective: find a crucial teleport spell. But this episode is about more than just the mission—it’s a testament to the power of friendship and personal growth.

Embracing New Powers and Strengthening Bonds

Setting out from Hearthdell, the party engages in heartfelt conversations. Prism opens up about summoning a demon during the previous battle, seeking reassurance from her companions. Bor’Dor, embracing newfound powers, is encouraged to practice and develop his skills. As they traverse the enchanting Serratus Wilderness, the group finds respite in the beauty of nature, making camp at nightfall and sharing moments of camaraderie.

Unveiling Ancient Secrets

Their path leads them to a mysterious crater, overgrown and forgotten. Inside, an ancient petrified skeleton, entwined with the very earth that punished it, captures their attention. Prism identifies the fallen creature as a githzerai from the Astral Sea. They retrieve a ring from its finger, later revealed as the Ring of Volcanic Flesh. These relics hold untold stories and hidden powers.

Intimate Reflections and Shared Experiences

Under the starry sky, Ashton lends Prism his Pipe of Remembrance, a conduit to the past. The smoke reveals Prism‘s most heroic memory—a moment when she was invited to leave the Shadow Realm and train with the Cobalt Soul in Exandria. A tender scene unfolds as Orym senses the presence of playful spirits in the darkness. Prism‘s magic lifts Orym, allowing him to dance with the sprite-like creatures, reminding everyone of the importance of finding beauty and joy even in the darkest of times.

Concerns and Uncertainties

With each step closer to their goal, the team grapples with personal doubts and worries. Bor’Dor seeks insight into Laudna‘s connection with Imogen and the implications of the Apogee Solstice. His attempts to scry his brother leave him with a lingering fear. The group contemplates the magnitude of their mission—whether their alliance with powerful friends will be enough to confront a god killer. Uncertainty looms, but they remain resolute.

Perilous Descent and Mystical Discoveries

Navigating treacherous terrain, the adventurers find themselves at the edge of a wide crevasse. Intriguing blue flora and prismatic crystals adorn the surrounding cavern. Ashton deciphers an inscription—”Within the Verdant Tomb, we keep her spirit enduring.” The crystals hold a mysterious power, refracting Prism‘s magic and narrowly missing their targets. Curiosity piques as they decide to venture further into the depths.

A Cryptic Encounter

Inside the cavern, they uncover living quarters and hints of recent habitation. The main chamber, adorned with light-refracting crystals, emanates a green luminescence. A colossal crystal obelisk stands at the center, concealing a shadowed core. Ritualistic markings cover the walls, hinting at a momentous event. Orym locks eyes with a face among the ceiling crystals—an enigmatic entity with a chilling smile—an encounter that raises more questions than answers.

In “A Long Walk of Reflection” (3×62), Critical Role invites us into a realm of growth, discovery, and the weight of impending challenges. As Team Issylra pushes forward, their bonds deepen, their abilities evolve, and the mysteries of their world unravel.