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Critical Role Recap: Bells Hells Episode 61 – Crisis of Faith (C3E61)

In the latest episode of Critical Role‘s third campaign, titled “Crisis of Faith” (3×61), the adventure reaches a thrilling climax as Team Issylra finds themselves engaged in a fierce battle against the agents of the Dawnfather, seeking to liberate the town of Hearthdell from the unwanted and autocratic rule of the temple.

The Temple Siege Begins 🌅

Prism and Deni$e infiltrate the temple, while Bor’Dor, Orym, Laudna, and Ashton, along with the villagers, remain outside. Chaos ensues as the guards sound the alarm. Orym uses Seedling to pull Flameguide Kiro off the temple tower with Grasping Vines, leading to her outcry of confusion and protest. Despite Ashton‘s Possibility rage, Kiro manages to paralyze both Ashton and Orym with Hold Person. The rest of the party, including their ally Joan Abaddina, joins the fray, launching attacks against the guards. Laudna‘s Silvery Barbs saves Orym from a critical hit, and Bor’Dor rallies the townsfolk to storm the temple gate.

Unleashing Chaos

Ashton and Orym focus their assault on Kiro, while she summons a Guardian of Faith for protection. Laudna Spider Climbs inside the temple to assist Prism and Deni$e, who are engaged in a fierce fight with the powerful Judicator. Meanwhile, the guards who were given a laxative by Bor’Dor earlier suffer the consequences, becoming poisoned and disadvantaged. Bor’Dor lands a critical hit on Kiro, finishing her off by stabbing her in the neck. ☠️ However, he begins vomiting uncontrollably. Kiro’s Guardian manages to take down several villagers before vanishing upon her death. Deni$e, who has been heavily targeted by the Judicator, is critically wounded.

The Unforseen Angel ☀️

The party converges inside the temple, combining their attacks against the formidable Judicator. Abaddina summons an Earth Guardian to aid them, but the situation becomes more dire. The Judicator‘s overwhelming power poses a grave threat. However, a sudden burst of light fills the chamber, and a majestic figure descends from above—a winged, golden-feathered glowing being wielding a fiery longsword. It strikes and hits both Ashton and Prism, restraining Orym with fiery golden chains and commanding him to “repent.” Prism seizes the opportunity to summon a Greater Demon, unleashing a barlgura to attack the Judicator. The surviving guards, witnessing this chaos, flee into the arms of the attacking villagers outside. The battle continues, with Deni$e teetering on the brink of unconsciousness.

Desperate Struggles

The party focuses its efforts on the Judicator, enduring its devastating blows. Abaddina attempts to heal Deni$e with a Mass Cure Wounds but narrowly misses. The angelic being retaliates with a Fireball, inflicting massive damage on Laudna, Bor’Dor, and Abaddina. Prism strikes back with a powerful Steel Wind Strike, targeting both the angel and the Judicator. The Judicator, attempting to flee, falls victim to attacks of opportunity from the barlgura and Laudna‘s hound, ultimately meeting its end. Only the angel and the freed earth elemental remain.

Confronting the Angelic

Orym, Deni$e, and Ashton take the fight to the air. Ashton communicates with the Earth Guardian in Primordial, persuading it to throw him towards the flying angel. Ashton launches a reckless attack, but suffers a counterstrike and takes fall damage. Laudna skillfully Counterspells the angel‘s Fireball. The barlgura climbs onto the temple roof to attack the angel, distracting it from the party. Eventually, the combined efforts of Orym, Deni$e, and Ashton bring the angel to the brink of defeat, shattering its wings and causing it to fall from the sky. The party captures the surviving guards, leaving them bound and gagged for questioning.

Reflections and Next Steps

With the battle over, the party takes a moment to reflect on their actions, the destruction of the temple, and the angel‘s death. They grapple with mixed emotions, but Joan Abaddina assures them that their intentions were righteous. She reveals that the angel was a Dawnborn, a celestial created by the Dawnfather to enforce his will. Abaddina offers guidance, encouraging the party to seek answers and understanding. They decide to embark on a journey to discover more about their origins, the Dawnfather‘s intentions, and the potential threats they may face.

In “Crisis of Faith,” Critical Role delivers an intense and action-packed episode filled with epic battles, shocking revelations, and emotional moments. The team’s determination and bravery are tested as they challenge the oppressive rule of the Dawnfather‘s temple. With the liberation of Hearthdell accomplished, the party finds themselves facing a new chapter in their adventure, armed with newfound knowledge and ready to confront the mysteries that lie ahead.