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Critical Role Recap: Bells Hells Episode 60 – Faith or Famine (C3E60)

In the latest episode of Critical Role’s Hells Bells campaign, our beloved adventurers find themselves amidst a web of mysteries and tensions. As they search for their missing friends and uncover the truth behind the disappearance of eleven villagers, the group faces the daunting task of challenging the oppressive influence of the Dawnfather’s temple.

On the Road to Civilization

Orym, Ashton, Laudna, Deni$e, Prism, and Bor’Dor gather to discuss their next steps, and Prism proposes using a Scrying spell to locate their missing friends. They set their sights on Hearthdell, a village known for its powerful leyline nexus.

Following the signs of civilization spotted by Orym, the group embarks on a journey guided by Laudna. They soon find themselves on the Outerwalk, a well-traveled road connecting Othanzia and the Demithore Valley. Deliberating their destination, they choose Hearthdell, which sounds more welcoming than the nearby town of Endovaar.

As they travel, they come across a fork in the road with remnants of a gallows and uncarved gravestones. Orym senses a disturbance in the earth, prompting them to avoid the area. With sunset approaching, they feel a strange charge in the air caused by the rising arcane energy emanating from the nearby leyline nexus.

Entering Hearthdell

Cautiously, the group enters Hearthdell, greeted by suspicious gazes from the villagers. They catch the attention of a guard wearing the symbol of the Dawnfather. Seeking information, they approach Hender, an elderly resident, who advises them to speak with Proleff or the village elder, Abaddina, for more details about recent happenings.

Continuing their exploration, they notice the unusually subdued atmosphere in the village and the increased presence of uniformed guards. The central square boasts a grand temple dedicated to the Dawnfather, where Prism suggests seeking assistance with the Scrying spell. They also attempt to make Laudna appear more alive with the help of Orym’s Druidcrafted flowers and Deni$e’s makeup.

Unveiling the Pagan Village

The group heads to the Innovar Apothecary, where Proleff, the village herbalist, shares vital information. He reveals that 11 people vanished during the recent Apogee Solstice celebration. The village had received a warning from the temple about the solstice, leading to a makeshift celebration. Proleff mentions the arrival of temple guards and Judicators from Vasselheim, causing discomfort among the villagers. He also sheds light on the tensions between the traditional beliefs of the Loam and the Leaf and the Dawnfather’s temple. The Silvercall family’s influence and the elder Abaddina‘s connection to the land’s spirits further complicate matters.

Seeking Guidance

The group sets off towards the Knotburrow, Abaddina’s residence in the Arklune Fields. Along the way, Bells Hells updates the newcomers about the Apogee Solstice, the involvement of Ludinus Da’leth and the Cerberus Assembly, and the theft of texts related to the destruction of Vordo and Ethedok by Grim Verity. They discuss Vasselheim‘s concealment of these events, highlighting the irony of Hearthdell’s oppression while they strive to save the gods.

A Meeting with Abaddina

The group arrives at the Knotburrow and is greeted by Abaddina, an imposing half-giant woman. Orym presents her with a large white flower, symbolizing their connection to the Loam and the Leaf. Abaddina cautiously invites them inside her unique home.

Abaddina introduces herself as a soothsayer and protector of Hearthdell’s people, able to communicate with the Demithore Eidolons. Suspicious but intrigued, she questions the group about their motives and ideals. A deep discussion ensues, delving into the nature of the Prime Deities and the imbalance of power caused by their worship. Orym expresses concerns about Ludinus’ actions, but Abaddina believes that those actions might pave the way for change.

Joining Forces

Abaddina agrees to assist the group on their quest to find their missing friends and prevent further harm to Hearthdell. However, she tasks them with freeing the village from the Dawnfather’s temple’s oppressive influence. With the Silvercall family and the temple guards tightening their grip on the village, time is of the essence.

Abaddina decides to address the villagers at the brewery, rallying them against the temple’s control. The group agrees to provide support and protection during the event. As evening falls, they gather at the brewery, where Abaddina’s powerful speech ignites a spark of hope and defiance in the villagers.

The Temple Showdown

Orym and Bor’Dor devise a plan to create a diversion, enabling Prism and Deni$e to stealthily infiltrate the temple and gather information. The tension mounts as the group prepares for a potential negotiation or a battle against the temple forces.

Orym confronts Flameguide Kiro, hoping to persuade him to see reason and release Hearthdell from the temple’s grip. Despite his efforts, Kiro remains steadfast, refusing to relent. With negotiations failing, the group braces for an imminent clash with the temple forces.

As the confrontation between the group, the villagers, and the temple forces escalates, the fate of Hearthdell hangs in the balance. What revelations await within the temple, and how will the group’s actions shape the future? Stay tuned for the next recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 to find out.