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Critical Role Recap: Bells Hells Episode 59 – Somewhere Out There (C3E59)

In the latest episode of Critical Role’s third campaign, “Somewhere Out There,” the adventurers Laudna, Orym, and Ashton find themselves stranded in an unfamiliar land after the white flash of the Malleus Key’s activation during the apogee solstice. With no clue about their location or the fate of their companions, they encounter new characters and face unexpected challenges.

Mysterious Arrival

After the blinding flash of the Malleus Key’s activation, Laudna, Orym, and Ashton awaken on the cliffs of a geothermal gorge. They deduce that they are likely on another continent due to the geothermal activity and their distant view of Ruidus to the south. Unable to communicate with their friends or sense Imogen, they embark on a treacherous climb to the forest above, where they encounter a brash and tattooed dwarven woman named Mona. She, too, was transported here mysteriously and holds vital information about their predicament.

New Magic and Unanswered Questions

Mona shares her story of being abruptly transported from Tal’Dorei, driven by her desire to confront her ex-fiancé. Unfamiliar with the gods and their plans, she teams up with our adventurers to find their way home.

As the group moves through the forest, they stumble upon Bor’Dor Dog’Son, a sheepherder with newfound magical powers. Bor’Dor, who hails from the Cyrios Mountains, was caring for his sick brother when he too heard Ludinus’ voice and was transported to this strange land. Despite his fear and accidental lightning bolt attack, Bor’Dor joins forces with the group.

Inside the portable hole, Ashton unwittingly uncovers a grim reminder of their past encounters—a couple of dead bodies. Orym shares their dark history and assures Bor’Dor that these individuals were threats. However, their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Prism, a goth elven woman, accompanied by her talking book, Dynios. Prism is a young mage’s apprentice who offers a unique perspective on the apogee solstice and reveals her connection to the Cobalt Soul.

Corpse-Creature Carnage

As night falls, the group sets up camp and takes turns keeping watch. Suddenly, the forest comes alive with attacking vine creatures, including a terrifying Corpse Flower. Chaos ensues, but the combined efforts of the group and Deni$e’s lethal skills manage to defeat the creatures and save Orym from the jaws of the Corpse Flower, although their cart is destroyed and Ratchet, Bor’Dor’s reindeer, flees.

Gods and Friends

Amidst their journey, the group discusses Ludinus Da’leth and his involvement with the Cerberus Assembly and the Ruby Vanguard. Dariax. Deni$e and Prism reveal their ambivalence towards the gods, but Orym warns of the potential dangers if Predathos, the god-eater, is unleashed. Despite their conflicting views, finding their missing friends and seeking civilization become their primary goals.

The Search Continues

During their watches, the group engages in heartfelt conversations, reinforcing their determination to locate their missing companions. Ashton assures Laudna that they will go to great lengths to reunite their people, even venturing into space if necessary. Deni$e, formerly known as Mona, shares her quest to find her ex-fiancé, intertwining her personal journey with Orym’s memories of a mutual acquaintance, Dariax.

Beholding Issylra

As dawn breaks, the group continues their journey, climbing the hills to gain a vantage point. Upon reaching the grassy hills above the tree line, the party gazes upon the stunning landscape of Issylra. The presence of the Ascendant Bridge Mountain and the Sunderpeak Mountains hints at the continent’s rich history and connection to the gods. With a distant town in sight, they set off in search of civilization, determined to uncover the secrets of this realm and reunite with their missing allies.

In episode 59 of Critical Role’s third campaign, the characters find themselves thrust into an unfamiliar land, grappling with newfound powers, mysterious strangers, and the daunting task of locating their scattered friends. As they navigate this unknown realm and face formidable challenges, their quest to understand the apogee solstice and its repercussions takes them on an extraordinary adventure. The story of Critical Role’s Bells Hells campaign continues, in episode 60 of Campaign 3 (C3E60).