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Critical Role Recap: Bells Hells Episode 63 – A Haunted Past (C3E63)

In the sixty-third episode of the third campaign of Critical Role “A Haunted Past,” Team Issylra finds themselves locked in a desperate battle against the enigmatic shadow entity known as Evithorir. Their goal is to defeat this formidable foe and discover a way to return to their homeland, however, their plans are unexpectedly derailed when a shocking revelation shakes the group to its core.

Confronting Evithorir

The episode begins with Orym alerting the group to the presence of a face among the crystals in the ceiling. As the air grows chilly, the entity snarls, labeling them as intruders in its domain. Bor’Dor attempts to reason with it, mentioning their mission from Abaddina to find Hevestro. But Evithorir, introducing itself, declares that Hevestro and Oma-Dua are within its control, claiming ownership over both of them. The valley, it proclaims, belongs to it from long ago. Prism detects fey energy emanating from the creature and tries to convince it that their only intention is to harness the magical potential within the cavern. However, Evithorir senses their potential and perceives them as a threat. A tense standoff ensues, escalating into a battle. The group rolls initiative, preparing for a fight for their lives.

A Fey Fight

Ashton initiates combat with a Gravity rage, and his keen eyes spot two red orbs conjured by Evithorir. These orbs drain color from their surroundings, creating an eerie atmosphere. The party quickly discovers that Evithorir is resistant to non-magical attacks and lightning damage, making their task even more challenging. To make matters worse, Evithorir possesses legendary resistances and powerful attacks. It unleashes a devastating Circle of Death spell, inflicting significant damage on the entire party. Amidst the chaos, Orym notices a shadowy figure within the creature’s form, momentarily revealed whenever Evithorir sustains damage. The group realizes that their objective is not just defeating Evithorir but also freeing the captive entity hidden within.

The Shadow Within

Driven by determination, the party launches a relentless assault on the shadowy entity. Bor’Dor sustains severe injuries, prompting him to cast Cure Wounds on himself to keep fighting. Prism skillfully Counterspells Evithorir‘s attempt to cast Cloudkill, protecting the group from further harm. As the battle intensifies, Laudna retreats, only to find herself surrounded by creeping vines that bar her escape from the cave. Ashton, determined to aid his allies, shatters one of the red orbs, inflicting damage on Evithorir. However, the shadow entity retaliates by using a Shadow Spear to pin Orym against the wall, effectively restraining him. Orym, using his resourcefulness, manages to strike Evithorir from his constrained position, dealing significant damage. He then employs the Grasping Vines ability of his sword to free the shadowy figure from within the creature, causing it to collapse at his feet.

Prism seizes the opportunity and uses Dimension Door to transport the body, presumably Hevestro, away from the creature’s reach. The shadow figure, pursuing its target, prepares a Fireball spell, but Laudna swiftly Counterspells it. The ensuing magical duel between Laudna and Evithorir involves Counterspells and counter-Counterspells. Laudna, empowered by her Form of Dread, attacks with Eldritch Blasts and Chilled Touch, preventing Evithorir from regaining hit points. Despite their valiant efforts, Evithorir remains fixated on capturing the unconscious Hevestro, slowly drawing him closer with its shadowy tendrils.

Fey Finale

Ashton rushes to protect Hevestro, picking him up and carrying him towards the group. Deni$e meets him and administers a healing potion to revive Hevestro, but confusion clouds his senses. Orym joins them, utilizing the Bait and Switch technique to safeguard Hevestro while the rest of the group continues their assault on Evithorir. Bor’Dor, strategically aligning his lightning bolt attack, directs it through one of the orbs and a crystal, inflicting substantial damage on the shadow entity. However, Evithorir retaliates with another Fireball, incapacitating Hevestro again and severely harming Prism, Orym, and Deni$e. In a desperate move, Laudna unleashes a barrage of Eldritch Blasts, ultimately vanquishing Evithorir. The entity shrinks into an evaporating black blob, which Laudna collects in her darkened hand, symbolizing their hard-won victory.

Bor’Dor’s Truth

In the heat of the battle, Bor’Dor valiantly fought alongside his companions. However, upon its conclusion he reveals a heartbreaking truth – he was never a sheep herder as he previously claimed. In a vulnerable confession brought on by Deni$e‘s insistence, Bor’Dor discloses his troubled past, growing up on the Menagerie Coas, witnessing his mother’s sacrifice, and eventually joining the Ruby Vanguard, the cult looking to eliminate the gods of Exandria. His truth revealed, Bor’dor attacks his allies and attempts to flee. Laudna, consumed by fury and betrayal, unleashes her formidable powers on a restrained and unconscious Bor’dor, ending his life.

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The Winds of Change

With Evithorir defeated and the battle concluded, Hevestro, the guardian of the shrine, offers solace and guidance to the group. He reveals crucial information about Oma-Dua, an ancient Gau Drashari who protected the region by merging with an eidolon spirit, becoming one with the land. He explains how Oma-Dua once battled Evithorir, sealing it beneath Cofferfall Hill to the west. The prolonged Apogee Solstice somehow enabled Evithorir‘s escape, leading to its return to the cavern and the subsequent devastation it caused. The group realizes the gravity of the situation and the changing dynamics in their world.

As the morning dawns, Prism contemplates her future and decides to embark on a new adventure, accompanied by Dynios. Meanwhile, Deni$e receives a message from Dariax through Prism‘s Scrying, locating him in a tavern in Westruun. Orym discovers that he is still wanted by the mob in Tal’Dorei, as evidenced by a stolen “Wanted” poster. They bid Deni$e farewell as she sets off through Hevestro‘s portal to an unknown destination. Prism, using the ring given by Imogen, Scrys on their missing companions and witnesses their presence in Jrusar, a bustling city. With an invitation to join them, Prism eventually decides to leave the group behind and embark on a new journey with her newfound allies. Hevestro, as the group disperses, collects the fallen bodies of his comrades, honoring their sacrifice in a touching farewell gesture.

In this climactic episode, emotions run high, secrets are unveiled, and difficult choices are made. The outcome of the battle with Evithorir leaves a lasting impact on the group, both individually and collectively. As the winds of change blow through their lives, the journey of Team Issylra will continue down the uncertain paths ahead.