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No Critical Role this Thursday? Fill the Critical Role Sized Hole in Your Heart!

Critical Role cast

Critical Role‘s blog has confirmed there will be no broadcasts this week of Critical Role. Sometimes, they do this. Sometimes, they air a one-shot episode or something else fun and new. This week, they rest. Maybe take their recommendation below and rest up or catch on episodes!

*** No New Broadcasts This Week for Critical Role! ***
– As a reminder, we’ll be taking our customary end-of-the-month break this week from Critical Role. Some months, we’ll air a one-shot or something new! Other months, we’ll take a short rest. This week, we’ll be taking that short rest so we hope you too can enjoy some extra downtime or get caught up on Campaign 3!
– We will return on May 4th with Episode 57 of Campaign 3!

from Critical Role Programming Schedule

So there’s no Critical Role this week. How will you survive? Breathe? Why does food not taste as good? 😔

Maybe check out the new Maps Mercer episode on TikTok where Mercer narrates over footage of him building the battle map for the Boreal Omen River. Just try to pretend you’re not jealous of all his minis.

Looking for something a little spicier? Maybe catch up on how Marisha Ray battled it out in Creator Clash 2, an annual boxing event for famous content creators. 🥊 Oh, and did we mention it’s for charity? Not only that, but the Critical Role Foundation was one of the charities selected to benefit from ticket sales this year.

Marisha has said that training for the fight has been one of the toughest experiences of her life. You can catch some of how Marisha trained on her socials (@marisha_ray on IG and @Marisha_Ray on Twitter), or just watch the journey here:

Want to know how it all ends? Play the video below to get all the spoilers on the outcome of Marisha Ray’s April 15th boxing match against her more experienced foe Hayley Sharpe at the Amalie Arena in Florida.

To check out what else Matt Mercer has been up to, check out our article on his upcoming turn at DMing for Dimension 20 in the “A Crown Of Candy” prequel “The Ravening War”.

Dear Critical Role, we’ll see you next time. 💞