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Dimension 20 Production Resumes Amid Hollywood Strikes

As the entertainment industry grapples with the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, the fate of various productions hangs in the balance. The Hollywood machinery has largely ground to a halt, leaving actors, crew, and viewers alike adrift. However, the world of actual play has found itself in a unique position. Some productions chose to power through, while others hesitated. A significant player in this domain, Dropout, the streaming platform renowned for its shows like Dimension 20 and Game Changer, initially took a pause.

But today, in a digital era where announcements unfurl on X (formerly Twitter), Sam Reich, the CEO of Dropout, brought forth news that has ignited a ray of hope. The curtains are rising once more for Dropout‘s myriad productions. What’s more, unlike the big-screen stars of Hollywood, the cast of Dropout‘s shows can now enthusiastically champion their own creative endeavors. In a world gripped by strikes, this is a welcomed change.

Reich, in his announcement, elucidated the backstory. In the initial days of the SAG-AFTRA strike, the assumption was that Dropout‘s works fell under the umbrella of a New Media agreement, making them subject to strike regulations. “After extensive consultations with our legal team and SAG,” Reich shared, “it turns out that this assumption is not accurate.” The outcome? Dropout is free to recommence business as usual. Crucially, since the shows were never subject to a strike, the talented individuals who grace them can once again promote their appearances on the platform.

Amid this rekindled momentum, Reich assured that Dropout remains steadfast in its solidarity with the striking writers and actors. He acknowledged that smaller streamers like Dropout possess a unique edge, casting a spotlight on the discrepancy between them and major streamers, ultimately pushing for a resolution. He affirmed that the platform will wholeheartedly respect those who choose not to collaborate with them during this tumultuous period. With the strikes continuing, he also pledged that Dropout is committed to taking extraordinary measures to support both performers and crew members, substantiating this pledge by vowing to channel more resources in their direction before the year’s end.

Dropout is back in production. 🫡

Details below. 👇

As I mentioned, Dropout is not associated with the AMPTP, who negotiates on behalf of the majority of studios and streamers. But truthfully, there’s no such thing as a “struck company.” There are instead “struck contracts” and “not-struck contracts.”

We assumed Dropout’s contract – the New Media Agreement for Non-Dramatic Programming – was struck because it wasn’t specifically on a list of non-struck contracts. After speaking at length with our lawyers and with SAG, turns out that is not the case.

So, Dropout can return to business as usual. And because our shows were never struck, talent can go back to promoting their Dropout appearances. 🎉

SAG’s decisions are in part strategic. Small streamers like us continuing to work while the major streamers cannot gives us a competitive advantage and puts more pressure on them to make a deal. 😎

But make no mistake about it: We continue to support our striking performers and their cause.

  • Between Dropout and me personally, we have donated $20,000 to the Entertainment Community Fund.
  • If anyone doesn’t feel comfortable working with us or promoting their work during the strike for whatever reason, we respect that position.
  • While we already pay above minimums, we will continue to go above and beyond to reward and protect our performers *and* crew members, and plan to put even more of our money where our mouth is before the end of the year.

Dropout fans, thank you for your support and solidarity during this uncertain time. Keep supporting the Entertainment Community Fund – – as well as the pet projects of your favorite creators. And with that, it’s back to work.⛏️

Sam Reich, CEO of Dropout, on X @samreich

As the entertainment realm navigates these unprecedented strikes, Dropout‘s resurgence symbolizes a beacon of optimism for both creators and enthusiasts. With the promise of revived creativity and unyielding support for industry professionals, the horizon of actual play shines brighter.